Titan Arum


Today, I visited this plant twice – once in the afternoon at around 2.30pm and then later in the evening at around 8pm. It has been more than two weeks since the first time I set eyes on this unusual plant that emits a foul smell when it flowers. In previous visits, the plant was the centrepiece in the Visitor Centre of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Today, it has been shifted to the side to make space for a huge artificial Christmas tree. It looked like even the Garden has lost interest in this plant.

Titan Arum – Not much development

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This was my third visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens to see if this plant has flowered. I was there on 27th Nov 2010. The plant was not ready to bloom – another disappointing visit.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Some people dislike walking in the parks for their own reasons. I prefer the parks to the shopping malls. I like to look at greenery and be close to nature. No matter how many times I walk along the same trail or see the same trees, plants and flowers, I never grow tired of them. One day I see a butterfly that I will never see again or I photograph a flower that will die before my next visit. At another time, at the same place I will see the fruit the flower has left behind and see a nervous squirrel scampering up the trunk of a tree. I learn to treasure everything that I see because nothing in life is permanent.

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